10 Innovative Remedies to Use at Home or In the Woods

Below is a list of remedies to treat seasonal colds, allergies, and minor scrapes, cuts, and burns that may happen around the house or outside. Try each innovative remedy for yourself or someone you love.

  1. Strep Throat and Coughing – gargle with salt water for throat and then you can drink heated pineapple juice with honey to ease coughing
  2. Allergies – eat local honey – usually a spoonful a day
  3. Stomach Bug – eat blueberry or blackberry pie filling (helps coat the stomach) canned blackberry juice can also help ease your stomach
  4. Cuts – Super Glue
  5. Bruises – place banana peel on bruised area and leave for about 5 minutes
  6. Small burns – Aloe (Aloe plants are easy to raise and take up little space)
  7. Bee Stings – Ragweed or baking soda paste eases the pain
  8. Poison Ivy – Rub touch-me-not (a type of plant) onto your skin to stop the itch
  9. Baby Cutting Teeth – bull nettle necklace (DO NOT consume)
  10. Splinter – tape or glue (press and peel)

As a mother and outdoors enthusiast, I like to use natural remedies when I can instead of purchasing over-the-counter drugs to treat common colds, allergies, minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. Many of the tips and advice came to me when I had my first child. It seemed to be a rite of passage that other parents share their secrets with you. Sometimes it can be irritating to be flooded with some much information and make you doubt yourself as a new parent. I embraced the new knowledge and found it to be very helpful.I also found it helpful to use when being outdoors because the bull nettle, ragweed, and touch-me-not can easily be found outside. I hope that you found something useful to try next time you have a common cold, allergies, or a minor scrape, cut or burn. I keep my pantry stocked with the chicken noodle soup and blackberry pie filling, and my medicine cabinet stocked with bandages and other medical remedies. I have also try to keep super glue, small cans of pineapple juice, pie filling, honey, and baking soda on hand.

It is better to plan and prepare for one or a few of these ailments by having items on hand. The question is not what might happen to you, but when! We are all susceptible to seasonal colds, allergies, and minor scrapes.

Note: The above recommendations are just some of the remedies that I have found helpful. They may not be suitable to treat your needs. It is best practice to seek medical attention and advice for severe situations.

Sabrina S. Arch is a Native American member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Enterprise Development Specialist, and is interested in helping others. Sabrina is also currently enrolled in the Masters of Entrepreneurship Degree Program at Western Carolina University. Webmasters and other article publishers are hereby granted article reproduction permission as long as this article in its entirety, author’s information, and any links remain intact. Copyright 2017 by Sabrina S. Arch. Visit her website at http://www.cherokeepreneurship.com/.

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